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Need An Expert Opinion, Witness, or Testimony?

ESR can now offer a brand-new service to lawyers and claims personnel. ESR’s Expert Locating Service can supply experts in very specific, specialized electronic disciplines for litigation and/or mitigation of highly technical equipment losses.
Over the years,
ESR has accumulated an extensive database of professionals (engineers & field service technicians) that can provide un-bias equipment testing, evaluations, documentation, and testimony for just about any type of electronic equipment loss. ESR can assemble your next “Dream Team” of professionals with one phone call.

Loss Inventory Research & Consulting

ESR Consulting services can perform loss inventory research to establish values such as (ACV) actual cash value, (RCV) replacement cash value, (LK&Q) like kind & quality, repair & replacement values, and replacement equipment locating services.

Rigging, Shipping & Storage Services

Electronic losses often require immediate relocation of damaged products. ESR has developed an international network of rigging and transportation companies ready to assist ESR clients with short or little notice.

De-Installation Experts

ESR has a national network of elite professional de-installation experts that can respond to the immediate requirements of your loss. Our specialists include but are not limited to computers, telecom, medical, printing presses, and manufacturing equipment.

Inventory, Audit & Evaluate

To achieve maximum recovery values, ESR performs a comprehensive inventory audit and evaluates all inventories to insure consistency of claimed inventories against actual inventories.

Testing, Repair & Manufacture Re-certification

ESR has product evaluation centers throughout the continental US that have the capabilities to perform testing & repairs to compromised electronics. Quite often, minimal repairs can be performed to enhance recovery values greatly. ESR has established working relationships with many manufacturers, resulting in damaged inventories being re-instated by the manufacturer for resale.

Traditional Equipment Liquidation Services

Electronic Salvage Resources, Inc. has developed a global network of equipment buyers ready to submit offers on any high-technology inventories. ESR’s knowledge and presentation techniques for introducing damaged equipment to the secondary marketplace are the secrets to achieving maximum recovery values. ESR’s years of equipment remarketing experience have proven, time and time again, to yield the highest recoveries available to the insurance industry.

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