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We often hear our customers describe the problems  
associated with a loss:

The challenges that require immediate relocation of products. Finding someone who will help immediately, so storage costs can be minimized.

Struggling to get an accurate evaluation of the loss. You want a fair price and that starts with an accurate evaluation.

Finding a way to get optimal recovery.


Having someone coordinate the entire project from start to finish. 


What is it costing you to delay getting help with a loss?

It doesn’t have to be that way…


We can help you resolve your equipment losses quickly!

Our process for providing service:

You Call Us/Send Us Photos

This starts the evaluation process. We examine your photos and begin to understand your loss. Complete the intake form. or click on the submit a loss button.

We Evaluate Your Loss

We provide a thorough evaluation of your loss. You receive a written evaluation and analysis of your loss.

You Receive a Cash Offer

Yes, you receive a cash offer; we are not a consignment or auction service. We are a buyer of your damaged, compromised electronic products.

Our Eight Point
Recovery Process


From initial contact to the final resolution. We handle your entire loss. Our solutions provide a complete and timely way to resolve your loss.

Site Stabilization

We know how important it is to act quickly for a loss event to minimize additional loss and help achieve a larger recovery.


Transportation & Warehousing

When a site is severely damaged, it is advisable to remove the stock as soon as possible.

Inventory and Audit Services

We help provide an accurate analysis of inventory so that a proper audit can be determined.
We inventory equipment for loss completely.

Appraisal Services

We will purchase your loss inventory. To determine the value of the salvaged inventory, we take into account the degree of damage, we know the market for particular types of products.

Salvage Disposition

When it comes to maximizing your recovery our expertise has the right plan for quick dispostion.

Litigation Support

We can provide you with a comprehensive final report with a detailed record of the salvage operation and settlement.



We help you with your loss from start to finish.



About us

Who we have served

ESR have served the insurance industry in these type of events:

Hurricanes of Florida
Earthquakes of California
Tunnel floods of Chicago
New York’s’ World Trade Center
Tornados of the plains

Our Specialty

What products does ESR specialize in recovery?

ESR is your trusted recovery service servicing the transportation, inland/marine, and commercial property insurance industry.

Our resource specializes in the following type of salvage:

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Our published article

Claims Magazine found Electronic Salvage Resources Incorporated to be such an innovative and committed service that it featured the article “Make Haste To Resolve Electronic Equipment Losses” (Page-42) by John Brezinski, President of Electronic Salvage Resources, Inc..